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The intelligent platform for service management

CHECKINGplan® allows the user to manage recurring tasks and projects and integrate them with staff actions, both in mobile environments and by measuring average operation times (AOT) in office environments. It improves productivity by optimising process management.

Ensures understanding, improves efficiency.

Flexible parametrisation, adapted to each service

Fast implementation, with CHECKINGplan support consultants dedicated to 100% customised parametrisation of each project to provide efficient implementation.

Contribution to business intelligence

Automatic report generation and data display to objectively support strategic decision-making. The platform records and monitors information from an ecosystem with data from multiple sources.

Connectivity and integration

A platform integrated with other management systems (ERP, CRM) and professional software to guarantee the accessibility and connection of information by synchronising smart data in real time.

Redefine field and office work with CHECKINGplan

The platform relies on multiple elements to provide 100% digital management of operations: back office, frontend (field app and desktop users) and integration with the Internet of Things

CHECKINGplan solutions

Parametrización 100% flexible - Multicontrato - Multisector
BackOffice Facility & BPO
Control de presencia
Registro de tareas
Calidad y encuestas
Gestión de flotas
Field Solutions
Apps de campo
Desktop user
Planificación y protocolos
Big data
Bussines Intelligence

Intelligent platform for facility services and facility management

CHECKINGplan plans, manages and optimises cleaning, maintenance and similar services in public building complexes.

Clients who trust CHECKINGplan®

Currently managing over 400 major projects

CHECKINGplan® has a solid track record in different sectors and professional environments. Spain's leading multinational facility services and facility management companies, including Ferrovial, FCC, Valoriza, Adecco, Sareb and more, depend on the reliability and performance of CHECKINGplan®. Read testimonials.

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