Management of cleaning services in hospitals


Lean management – general services management in hospitals

CHECKINGplan® is a global management and monitoring platform that allows healthcare centres to respond in real time to demands for cleaning, maintenance and safety tasks, thus generating automatic reports for process optimisation.

The platform, integrated into the Internet of Things (IoT), manages tasks in buildings and complexes for the health sector, laboratories or biotechnology companies, both individually and as a whole, whether they are indoor or outdoor, for public or restricted use.

The total adaptability of a robust system

The multiple options for data classification allow for precise parameterisation of the environment. Serviceable spaces can be grouped into a parent–child structure, as complex as needed, by applying zones (health complex), sub-zones (buildings, floors, parking, maternity, emergency) and sites (bathrooms, operating rooms, wards, etc.).

In addition, there are site groupings for any type of requirement, be it priority of stays, accessibility, etc., and the option to include display criteria for any area or subarea classified by preference as high, medium or low risk.

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Outstanding features

Gestión de tareas

Management of recurrent, on-demand, incident and automated tasks

The platform allows the management and monitoring of periodic tasks or services, on-demand and incidents related to cleaning, hygiene and maintenance; as well as in the revision of installations, security, gardening and even patient care departments.

On demand buttons
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On-demand buttons for task requests

Fixed equipment connected by Wi-Fi or mobile signal using cellular technology, which work globally to transmit content to our platform.

CHECKINGplan's Service Request System (SPS), in integration with IoT on-demand button devices, allows the user to activate, request, or qualify services, generating new possibilities for the execution of indoor and outdoor tasks by a patient or authorised personnel, arriving online and in real time to the service provider's control unit devices. In the back office, all requests are registered (along with their response times, changes of status, and complete history of each request) and organised according to the physical and functional structure of the care complex.

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LED signal active

During communication

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Global connectivity

Data transmission from almost anywhere in the world

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Low consumption

Battery power

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Customised interface

Simple task management. Request statuses displayed, etc.

Cuadro para traslados

CHECKINGplan's transfer quadrant is a module for managing both individual and group travel of people and assets

Localización indoor/outdoor
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Indoor/outdoor location of assets and people

In real time, CHECKINGplan registers all types of assets and people, allowing them to be tracked using the map viewer by means of sensorised solutions for indoor location.

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Location of assets

The technologies implemented in the creation of a sensorisation network vary substantially according to the characteristics of the equipment and the environment, providing fully customisable solutions. Technologies include NFC tags, equipment containing Bluetooth devices, zone anchors by means of beacons and RFID antennas in the environment, and the identification of sites using QR codes with the CHECKINGplan app.

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Patient location

The structural sensorisation of the health centre generates a mapping that enables the automated detection of people within that space or their absence. The passive/active RFID bracelets with RFID antennas or Bluetooth bracelets interact with a "mesh” of beacons, allowing the location identification. CHECKINGplan monitors and sends absence warnings, counts, and generates detailed reports.

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Location of personnel

The platform registers the location and traces the routes of the personnel in a totally automated way by integrating the CHECKINGplan field app to the mobile GPS and mapping via zone anchors (RFID/Wi-Fi antennas, beacons, etc.) inside buildings. These methods facilitate the assignment of tasks by location, the measurement of travel times and route optimisation.

Depending on the level of accuracy required, the building or area is equipped with a set of antennas through which to locate resources. Patients or materials (stretchers, wheelchairs, equipment, etc.) are identified with a tag, label or card recognised by the antenna network. The information collected by the antennas is sent to the central system, which automatically records position, date and time on the card of each event in case of change of location.

Cámaras de conteo

Cameras for people counting by AI and Wi-Fi counting

Task automation and room monitoring are supported by AI technologies such as people detection cameras and device counters over Wi-Fi connection. The platform measures the traffic frequency at each site (access to corridors, toilets or other specific areas) to determine which areas have more traffic and at what time of day. This facilitates the optimisation of cleaning, maintenance and security tasks by adjusting the use of resources and assigning the correct staff.

Tareas automatizadas tras alta
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Automated tasks per patient discharge

All previously recognised tasks can be automated through a protocol that facilitates and optimises their execution.

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Patient discharge notice

A hospital cleaner assigns an operator the “pending” task notice for discharging from bed “X”. After receiving the notification in their CHECKINGplan app, the operator confirms their availability to execute the task.

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Task development

Once the operator in the cited place scans an NFC tag, giving automatic warning of the start of the task, the status is automatically updated to “in progress”.

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Protocol check

Once the task is done, a checklist in the app is completed with the information regarding the aforementioned task. Once this report is completed, the status of the task is “completed”.

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Integrated report

The back office receives the complete report, stating the date, time and place of the task, operators involved, details of the task performed, duration, incidents detected, etc.

The questionnaires are quantifiable according to the KPIs, performance indicators or designed ratios. The data is consolidated into graphical reports to be quickly understood and detect points out of range.

Recogida y reparto de lavandería
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Laundry service collection and delivery management

The laundry service involves the disinfection of all types of fabric such as sheets, towels, patient gowns, uniforms, etc. CHECKINGplan outlines the collection and delivery process. In the back office, the collection routes are created and with the operator's app, the data is generated on-site. Finally, the back office receives the complete report.

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Collection of material to be disinfected

By scanning an NFC tag with the CHECKINGplan app, it is possible to identify the room where the material to be disinfected comes from. The operator has instant access to a form where they indicate the type and quantity of clothes collected, number of bags, weight, and date and time. This is confirmed and transported to the laundry.

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Distribution of sterilised material

For the redistribution of linen to stores, the operator uses a similar methodology: indicating in the app via a reading of the store’s NFC tag, which provides access to the form where they will record the details of garments, other observations and the firm of service parts to establish a provisional inventory record.

Recogida y reparto de instrumental

Management of collection and distribution of sterilisation instruments

Nosocomial infections represent an important health risk and a high economic cost of resources.

Recogida de residuos

Collection of hospital, bio-sanitary and pathogenic waste

A fundamental link in the maintenance and sustainability of a health centre, the service of waste management (including waste of bio-sanitary and pathogenic origin) implies precise control of all handling. CHECKINGplan's adaptability allows for the precise monitoring of each task by identifying rooms, containers, weight, volume, composition, etc.

Checklist de comprobación

Checking and quality control. Verification checklists.

CHECKINGplan collects various measurement variables related to care activity. The platform allows the user to generate and complete questionnaires (through the app or from the desktop program), and then calculate indicators. These questionnaires are part of the quality evaluation system of the services performed, including indicators for measuring the quality of services (BMIs). The sum of points obtained will indicate the overall service level result.

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