Management of real estate assets


Management of real estate assets

An advanced platform for structuring spaces that enables individual, group, indoor, or outdoor management in all types of buildings and building complexes. 

CHECKINGplan® is the ideal tool for managing facility management services, allowing you to monitor and respond, in real time, to demands for cleaning, maintenance and security tasks, thus generating automated reports for process optimisation.

Plataforma gestión activos inmobiliarios

Unlimited structuring of assets

Real estate assets can be grouped in a parent-child structure, as complex as needed, with the following classifications available:

  • Zona: established on the basis of physical management criteria (province, development, and block).
  • Area: determined by a functional or departmental criterion (residential, industrial, commercial, etc.).
  • Site: classification determined by use (maintenance huts, housing, storage rooms, warehouses, etc.).
  • Scope: other grouping parameters such as types of requirement, criteria for types of tasks, access restriction
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Outstanding features

Saneamiento documental

Technical and legal documentation of each property

For each real estate asset, CHECKINGplan allows you to compile all the associated documentation in your asset file.

Managing a documentation directory for each asset can be tedious and difficult to keep organised, especially when using collaborative tools such as Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, etc., where multiple people are constantly uploading/downloading documents and creating/deleting directories. The platform saves the documentation of each asset in its own file, creating an organised and structured way to quickly find any document associated with the asset and/or identify pending documents. It allows uploading/downloading of documents from the back office in any format. You can also define the types of documents required according to the type of asset, control those pending collection, notify if there are documents that expire shortly, etc.

Visitas comerciales

Business visits and visits by real estate agents and experts

Assignment of visits

Each sales representative or partner agent can have their own user on CHECKINGplan. From the back office you can request or schedule visits to each sales representative or collaborating agent so that they can schedule the agenda with the end customer. The sales representative will see the visits in the mobile application.

Registration and control of visits

From the app, the sales representative reports the business visits made by filling in a questionnaire in the app itself (with the option of using photos or voice notes) once the visit has ended, so that the system automatically checks the user's GPS position.

Each visit is recorded and associated to the real estate asset in question, making it very easy to visualise the commercial activity of that property, and to identify properties with lower sales and increase new visits.

Gestión de llaves

Management of keys, activities, incidents and file

One of the main problems in asset management is the control of keys, especially when working with a high number of assets that are managed by multiple partners.

CHECKINGplan's key management functionality offers complete control of keys thanks to the traceability of the activities carried out on the property; it is possible to know individually for each asset which person carried out the last activity on it and when. Each property has its own key card on which data can be stored, for example - custodian, availability, record of keys held. From the module of incidences you can register incidences regarding keys, robbery, loss, etc.

Gestión de incidencias

Incident management, sending to suppliers and monitoring

This module allows you to create, manage and track all the incidents related to a service provided. Both the client and the contractor company can open incidents from the three operational environments of CHECKINGplan: back office, web environment, and mobile app. From the opening of an incident to its closing, the platform traces all tasks and associated steps to guarantee its integrity and subsequent evaluation through reports.

Incident types, configuration, statuses and reports

The incident-monitoring module allows multiple possibilities of classification and configuration of incidents to adapt to the needs of each client, type of service and work environment, being able to configure typologies, states and deadlines for resolution. In addition, it allows the extraction of follow-up reports of groups of incidents according to their type and status.

Visitas de inspección

Inspection visits to real estate assets

During inspection and quality monitoring visits, the operator performing the service uses the CHECKINGplan field app installed on a smartphone to perform the relevant checks. These inspections may vary from monitoring an activity carried out on the property, to checking the state of conservation of the different assets with which they work. In the app the operator will be able to respond to an associated checklist previously configured in the back office. The data is collected in real time in the control centre and, optionally, automatic reports are generated and sent by e-mail to the interested persons. CHECKINGplan's field app ensures the execution of inspection visits on site by means of GPS traceability.

Gestión de adecuaciones

Management of adjustments, decision-making on assets

CHECKINGplan manages maintenance and building reforms in accordance with existing regulations, controlling their effective execution with the most appropriate operators at all times and facilitating access to legal documentation.

The platform organises and controls documentation, tender documents and lists of suppliers. The management functions include:

Mantenimientos preventivos
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Preventive maintenance, occupation and corrective maintenance and safety

CHECKINGplan manages and configures the different maintenance services defining their management according to the type of task: preventive and corrective, planned and pending parts, standard or urgent, and inspection or verification.

Informes y monitorización

Reports and monitoring, Olap cubes, dashboards

CHECKINGplan, through the business intelligence module ReporTec and ReporTec/WEB, provides processed information for the evaluation of results and decision-making. The platform allows the user to examine multiple reports and consult information in real time. The module produces 100% personalised reports according to the requirements of the client and external companies. The platform allows the automatic sending of reports with the desired frequency to the specified managers.

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