Management of Airport Cleaning and Maintenance Services


Service management for cleaning and maintenance of airports

CHECKINGplan® is the ideal platform for monitoring and responding in real time to cleaning, maintenance and security demands at airports or airport complexes.

Gestión y control de desplazamientos en hospitales

100% versatile platform

The platform allows the information to be structured in a versatile way thanks to a system of divisions of areas (airports, terminals), sub-areas (floors, parking lots, main hall), sites (arrivals, departures, check-in, restrooms, waiting rooms, etc.) as well as the ability to structure the information based on other criteria such as urgency, preference, high traffic, etc.

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Outstanding features

Gestión de tareas

Management of recurring, automated, on-demand and incident tasks

Tasks configured from the back office (recurrent), required apart from the planning (on demand), requested through real-time monitoring devices (automated demand) or in response to warnings about deficiencies (incidents). CHECKINGplan allows the management of tasks in a comprehensive way covering the different needs and specificities of the cleaning, maintenance and security services in airports.

Contadores de personas

Cameras for people counting by AI and Wi-Fi counting

CHECKINGplan uses people counting systems such as Visual Counter, which are capable of calculating the frequency of passage of spaces. They can measure corridors, toilets and specific areas separately and determine which areas have the most traffic and at what time of day. The CHECKINGplan platform integrates with meters to retrieve readings and store them for the purpose of building reports and dashboards. Traffic data is used to optimise the performance of cleaning, maintenance and security personnel tasks. The system allows for increased customer satisfaction and higher productivity. Toilet cleaning: As a result of the application of counters/flow to the toilets, daily cleaning, supervision, passenger use and frequency of cleaning between uses can be controlled.

Localización indoor/outdoor

Indoor/outdoor location of assets and people

The platform allows advanced location and tracking of assets and people involved in the performance of tasks through field apps, geolocation and mapping by area anchors. These methods facilitate the assignment of tasks by location, the measurement of travel times and route optimisation.


Soap and paper replenishment sensors

CHECKINGplan, in integration with sensors, monitors all types of assets and tasks, from measuring the volume of liquids (toilet paper or soap refills) to fingerprints for door opening, to temperature and humidity controls, etc.

Encuestas de satisfacción

Assessment and survey devices

The objective is to improve the standard of cleaning of the facilities by means of devices which users can use to evaluate the state of the service at any time, as well as generate alerts that trigger the planning of cleaning tasks on demand.

Recogida de residuos

Waste collection

The versatility of CHECKINGplan allows following up waste collection tasks by identifying, among other variables: rooms, containers, weight, volume and composition, to guarantee effective management of the service.

Checklist de calidad

Checklists for quality control and revisions

Checklists, which are part of quality evaluation, make it possible to quickly and easily check the conditions required for a given service.


Reports. OLAP cubes, dashboards

Business Analytics is a fully customisable report generation system with different presentation modes and the ability to integrate with other platforms. These reports can be generated with or without a signature and automatically sent (electronically) to where they are needed. Thanks to this system, it is possible to apply business intelligence and smart data techniques to make decisions that result in better management, both in terms of the effectiveness and efficiency of the service offered.

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