People counting

Modules and components

People counting

Task automation and flow measurement

CHECKINGplan provides vital tools to optimise the allocation of resources in areas such as measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns or distribution of a building. Fixed devices monitor in real time the traffic of people entering and leaving the spaces, whether they are retailers working in shopping centres, museums, airports, sports stadiums, etc.

This allows the establishment of automated on-demand tasks and facilitates the planning of scheduled tasks, as well as monitoring specific areas in a segmented way to estimate the behaviour of foot traffic.

Information from the cameras is integrated into CHECKINGplan’s monitoring environment to assist in the decision-making process, and allows the user to:

Optimise task schedules

Adjust work and/or safety rounds on demand

Optimise task schedules

Optimizar horarios de tareas

Other uses of people-counting range from identifying the commercial value of a site and how to optimise it, to controlling gauging capacities.

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01. Active monitoring

In parameterisation, you determine the foot traffic limit for activating a task demand. The counting chamber measures the number of people passing through a certain access point, passage, or entrance. When the set number of people is reached, the protocol is activated.

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02. Warning

The required operator or business is notified via the field app for the work on site. Task development.

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03. Closure

Upon execution of a task there is the option to check a checklist, create a report with observations, attach photos, files, signature, etc., with the goal of optimising services.

Using people-recognition technology based on advanced machine learning algorithms. (Artificial intelligence)

Tangible results

The reports reflect the efficiency with which it is possible to operate by implementing sensorised space monitoring.

Comparativa de optimización de servicios por medición de usuarios y concurrencia