Satisfaction surveys

Modules and components

Satisfaction surveys

On-site displays for consultation and opinion

The apps installed in zone terminals are unique in providing an outstanding quantity and quality of information at each physical point. Surveys are usually about one experience, so on-site responses are statistically more honest, reliable and instantaneous.

There is also a higher participation rate and your customers or employees are more likely to leave comments. With a non-invasive approach, these displays are more accepted by the recipients and are viewed as an added value, unlike email queries or app notifications. CHECKINGplan offers survey apps, a tool that, through its integration to a fixed smart device in a public or private location, allows the measurement of customer satisfaction with emoticon surveys and the registration of on-demand tasks by users generating alerts and incidents.

Fast and customised configuration


Using the configuration panel available on the same display or from an independent web environment, you can customise the environment, change images, voting emoticons, fonts, sizes, corporate colours, etc. You can also edit the text of the questions, welcome, thanks and secondary texts. 

In the configuration, the frequency of the questions is indicated and all the notices that need to be shown on the notice screen are determined. Each message is listed in order of priority and has an active or inactive status..

Use case

By clicking on the red face, the reason for the assessment can be indicated; you can select from several pre-set reasons (missing paper/soap, cleaning, odours, other).

If ‘other’ is selected, you can indicate in detail what is happening. The warning is sent to the point manager, speeding up the interaction with the end user.

QR action links

The installation of posters or signs with Call to Action type images in the already popular QR format facilitates communication either with the aim of requesting or indicating the deficiency of a service or to create a channel of opinion in outdoor spaces.

Different supports can be installed in all types of rooms, both wall and floor-mounted. Additional protection for outdoor devices, vandal-proof glass, and housings with safety locks.