Time registration

Ferrovial, Spain’s leading company in the development of transportation infrastructure, engineering and civil works construction, will incorporate CheckingPlan as a platform for monitoring the working day of over 1,400 employees at 19 of its work centres in Spain by 2020.

In addition to using CheckingPlan as a platform in its own offices, since 2014 the company has been one of the leading Spanish multinationals in the facility services sector, which is committed to the platform for planning, managing and optimising cleaning, maintenance and security services in hospitals, roads, airports, train stations and education centres.


Type of project

Registro de jornada


Facility services

Company size

1,400 employees


  • Calendar import
  • Employee file 
  • Personalised advice 
  • Notifications 
  • Customisation 
  • Reporting and monitoring


Time registration

A team of 1,400 people distributed across 19 work centres throughout Spain with the need to register their working hours with a face-to-face and remote option from a single platform that registers the information for more efficient information management.


Synchronised transfer methods for face-to-face and remote work

  • Synchronised clocking methods for face-to-face and remote work. Ferrovial personnel have two booking systems: an app (Android and iOS), and biometric validation method, for which fingerprint booking has been chosen. 
  • The Human Resources department has access to the CHECKINGPlan backend to view and analyse data.


  • Sending employee notifications for clocking in, with a copy to HR, for employees on business trips, for example.
  • From the CHECKINGPlan backend, Ferrovial can schedule staff shifts and schedules.
  • CHECKINGPlan consulting team assigned to customisation and evolution of the project.
  • Import of calendars to determine special schedules, service changes, time modifications, etc.

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