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Hospital Son Espases

Management of biological waste in the surgical sector

Immediate attention to biological waste in general and in the surgical area in particular is essential for the maintenance of sanitation.


Type of project

Management of hospital complex



Company size

420 employees


  • Task management 
  • Table of transfers 
  • Indoor/outdoor location 
  • Counting cameras 
  • Task automation 
  • Laundry collection and delivery 
  • Collection and distribution of instruments 
  • Waste collection 
  • Quality control 
  • Reporting and monitoring


Differential and urgent attention

The waste has different treatment destinations, is generated randomly and requires specific containers, delays in their management increase health risks exponentially.


Implementation of zone terminals

Displays with customised interfaces installed in the operating theatre sector simplified requests for waste removal and for additional services. These displays integrated with CHECKINGplan give notice to the operators assigned to each shift and the personnel responsible for the tasks required.


  • To facilitate widely the management of contaminated material
  • To minimise health risks
  • To simplify and optimise the management of consumables