Gestión activos inmobiliarios


Maintenance and management of real estate assets

CHECKINGplan® enables the control of real estate assets, their classification and detailed recognition, the application of maintenance tasks specific to each property and the immediate attention of incidents.

Implemented in the client’s cloud infrastructure, the solution has integrated analytical and reporting tools. It also has a mobile system where the service providers report the working report in respect to mobility, incidents, and checklist according to the intervention.


Type of project

Management of real estate assets


Real Estate

Company size

390 employees


  • Unlimited structuring of assets 
  • Documentary consolidation 
  • Commercial visits
  • Key management 
  • Incident management
  • Monitoring visits 
  • Compliance management 
  • Preventive maintenances 
  • Reporting and monitoring


Efficient management

The high amount of assets and their diverse nature contributes high complexity to the management of cleaning, maintenance and security tasks and the creation of detailed reports.


Detailed and efficient implementation

  • Detailed implementation of the environment parameters by means of an exhaustive organisation and specific developments to optimise the data load and the relief of the technical personnel via field apps.
  • Integration of CHECKINGplan with the Sareb Responde support channel for the automation of management and citizen service tasks.


  • Detailed, verified and signed reports on real estate assets
  • Minimum response times
  • Attention to reports regarding deterioration, occupation, and optimisation.

Gestión de activos inmobiliarios

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