Management of repair and maintenance tasks

Serkonten is a provider of comprehensive hygiene services with around 160 mobile technicians performing tasks ranging from waste collection to equipment repair, pest control, etc.


Type of project

Hygiene and pest control task management


Real estate

Company size

283 employees


  • Task management 
  • Checking and quality control
  • Reporting and monitoring


Attend to incidents and tasks on demand or planned

From the company’s ERP (AXAPTA), budgets, types of tasks, and frequencies are established. These tasks are constantly renewed according to priority and frequency criteria. The variability of tasks and services makes the control of products and the duration of each task more complex.


Smart forms

An Android mobility solution is provided with checklists associated with each type of task, which adapts to each requirement without the need to reprogram the app.

These conditional questionnaires determine the working time for each task, its location and the materials used. At the same time, a fleet location system integrated into the solution locates the vehicles on the road.


  • Optimise task management
  • Minimisation of travel times
  • Optimise the material used and measure each product to each customer