Task management


Task management

Real-time control of activities and services.

CHECKINGplan® is a platform for the management, planning, allocation and monitoring of general services in the facility services and facility management sector. The software records all services with their planning, frequencies and characteristics, the traceability of these ones as well as each room through the registration (in the cloud) of work reports in the most automatic and unassisted way possible, as well as the completion of quality questionnaires, follow-up and revision on site.

100% customisable

The platform provides great advantages in regard to customisation by the user or administration to achieve a greater adaptation to each specific case. The general philosophy of CHECKINGplan® is built around its three main modules, which correspond to three possible working scenarios.posibles.

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Operating environments for cycle optimisation methods

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Back office or central module where the technical managers configure all the options of the application, the maintenance of the data owners, the structuring of areas and zones, the planning and design of the tasks or services, the management of incidents, the design of reports, the configuration of questionnaires and KPIs, as well as the management of personnel, their assignments and clocking, or the monitoring and traceability of the services, among others.

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Field solutions

A set of apps, smart devices and IoT sensors integrated within CHECKINGPlan so that workers can interact on site or remotely. There are at least two types of mobility apps, those installed on portable devices carried by the user and those located at fixed control points (screens, antennas, sensors or document scanners).

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Monitoring environment

This module for visualisation and organisation of data is based on the Business Intelligence ReporTec Web tool, and is primarily targeted to supervisors, managers and executive personnel. It allows the following functions:

  • The exploitation of data by the client (control panel, graphics, report consultation and previously configured OLAP cubes).
  • The exchange of files and auditing of their access through a repository or document box.
  • The automation of the generation and sending of periodic reports, eliminating manual tasks.
  • The registration of labour demand and incidents related to the service and personnel, by the area supervisors.


In a structured process like Planning/Execution/Analysis (PEA), the cycle is based on three areas, synchronising information in real time and simultaneously to provide an immediate understanding of needs and results.

Focused on optimisation

Completely configurable environments ideal for implementing effective management methods, such as Lean or Agile, optimising procedures and resources, reducing costs and enhancing value-added services.

The correct implementation in each of these environments is responsible for generating the “Cycle Optimisation”, which makes CHECKINGplan a global management platform.

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Service planning

We call the protocol that organises a set of actions or interventions that are stipulated within a service the “task”. The activities of the operators and the resources required are pre-established according to the type of site, task, or service and are managed in a follow-up environment called Service Chart ,from which, in real time, the execution, the personnel or office responsible, the resources assigned, and other relevant data are monitored.

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Management of recurring, automated, on-demand and incident tasks

CHECKINGplan allows you to configure as many tasks as exist in a contract or are manageable, and are associated with one or more offices responsible for their care. These stipulated tasks, whether or not they are required outside of your usual planning, are classified into:

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From the BackOffice, the periodic tasks of a service are managed and configured, indicating the moment in which they are carried out (during the week, holidays, days of the week, shifts, etc.), comparing the configured work calendar.

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Tasks required outside of planning that may or may not also require periodic attention.

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Requested by means of real-time monitoring devices (people counters, environmental data sensors, climate forecasts), optimising the allocation of resources to tasks much more effectively.

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These communications leave a deficiency and require intervention to solve a given problem and are associated with High - Medium - Low priority labels.

The general purpose of CHECKINGplan is to record information at the time and place it is generated, enabling the platform to integrate with different mobility devices and IoT sensors, homologating a wide range of smart devices that allow immediate action and monitoring in real time.

An example of this relies on the integration of CHECKINGplan’s field app with mobile GPS and mapping by zone anchors (RFID/ Wi-Fi antennas, beacons, etc.) inside buildings. The platform can also measure traffic frequencies at specific points to determine which areas have most traffic and at what time of day by means of people-counting cameras using AI and Wi-Fi counting.

These methods facilitate assignment of tasks by location, measurement of travel times and route optimisation, as well as planning and logging of recurring, on-demand or sensorised tasks.