Time registration


Time registration

CHECKINGplan® Time & Attendance is a tool enabling any company to control and manage employee transfers. The register of attendance enables the management of work calendars, work shifts, schedules, attendance, leave, delays, etc.

The most versatile tool

CHECKINGplan® offers individual or group use licenses for single or multiple employee time registration. The software is adaptable to any type of company, with workers in one area and/or employees working across several areas.

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Multiple clocking-in methods

A wide range of hardware to meet the requirements of any industry or service sector. Multiple clocking in methods can be combined, synchronizing the information in the most diverse conditions, whether indoors or outdoors; in fixed or mobile sites; for clocking in at one or multiple locations; in land or sea vehicles; for individual or group use, by one or multiple operators.

Field app

Single or multiple user licences. With NFC, BLE, GPS, password or QR code sensorisation.

Presence clock

Fixed at access points or in vehicles for field work. With NFC sensorisation, password or biometrics.


The GPS coordinates of the locator are checked against the area assigned to the operator.


Clocking-in without internet. Presence registration by PIN by means of a telephone call from a fixed or mobile network.

Employee portal

Registration via a web browser, with reasons, reports, regulations, and holiday requests.

Access control

CHECKINGplan is part of a wide range of approved turnstiles, portholes and winches. Biometric and magnetic identification, PIN, IDCards, DNIe, etc.

Control panel to manage data

The system offers a complete control panel so that those responsible for any company can extract data with which to improve their business, and comply with regulations on the registration of workers’ hours.